A wide variety of hobby and professional car cosmetics and detergents for industry, top quality, reasonable prices, variety of packaging, renown manufacturers at European level, our years of experience in sales and consulting and trust of our customers, are only some of the facts which make us sure that with our help you can solve all your problems with car washing and maintenance.


Full range of products destined for self car wash 
In Many years of work and experience, we have developed a complete range of selected products 
to help and facilitate the business after buying our machines.
From a wide rangeof our products, our customers canchoose between 
Three types of powder,two different types of waxes,products for : tire care,deep cleaning, liquid foaming detergents...
all the best in one place.


Nerta is a brand of the Belgian company ENTACO NV, a leading European manufacturer of cleaning chemicals in the car and truck wash sectors. Present on the European market since 1971, Nerta currently exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide.


The year 1990 was a turning point for the company with the launching of NERTA CARNET JUMBO, a timeless product and one of the very first cleaners on the market designed primarily for touchless cleaning. The exceptional characteristics of NERTA CARNET JUMBO brought the company unprecedented results, turning it into one of the most successful brands on the European market.


Touchless cleaning is the expertise of the company and has not been surpassed up to the present day. Thanks to its ultra-modern production equipment, Nerta manufactures innovative car care products of excellent quality. The company has its own research and development laboratory and holds the ISO 14001 certificate ensuring ecologically responsible production. Nerta's philosophy is based on the values of integrity, transparency and professionalism.


Nerta Czech Republic

The exclusive representative of Nerta for the Czech Republic since 1996 is Miloš Poživil – IMPEX TRADING company. Distribution of Nerta products is the core business of the company, making it one of the leading sellers of car care products in the Czech Republic. Thanks to many years of experience, the company staff can provide clients with first-class products coupled with expert consultancy, which can be as important to the customer as the product itself.

KIMICAR company was founded in 1981 to manufacture chemical products for the automotive, industrial and public. Ever since the first years of its activity is promoted by the ability to watch and meet the various demands of the market. Despite the relatively short existence it can be considered one of Italy's largest companies in this field, since it is completely self-sufficient.


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